Going Green! Renewable Power is Now...

Here at AMLP, under the guidance of Manager, Stan Herriott, we have been involved for almost a decade in the exploration and implementation of using the sun and wind to make our electric power. We believe that the future of public power is in using renewable resources, so we are now involved in projects that embody the energy, environmental and economic benefits of "green energy". Berkshire Wind project

In 2011, we became a member of the Berkshire Wind Power Project and now obtain some of our electricity from the breezes.

The facility is a 10-turbine, 15-megawatt wind farm atop Brodie Mountain in Hancock, MA. The project, which started commercial operation on May 28, 2011, is owned and operated by the Berkshire Wind Power Cooperative, a non-profit entity that consists of 14 Massachusetts municipal utilities including AMLP. Read about this project's exceptional performance.

Solar Power at OakmontWe also also spearhead and are actively involved in the development of renewable energy projects within the town boundaries. The solar panel garage bays at Ashburnham's new Public Safety Building are one example. So are the solar arrays on the roof at Oakmont Regional High School. We are also working on the development of a community solar array that would feed directly into our grid.

Local wind power? AMLP has a project that has been in the works since 2003, and is looking to put two turbines on Blood Hill off Byfield Road. A wind turbine converts kinetic energy from wind into mechanical energy, which is then turned into electricity. The wind turbines that are being proposed in Ashburnham would be about 250 feet tall with three 135-foot long blades, each weighing six tons. A feasibility study is currently underway using test tower (see below).

Erecting Wind Test Tower

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